medical imaging

Automatic Segmentation and Detection of Ectopic Eruption of the First Permanent Molars on Panoramic Radiographs Based on nnU‐Net

Periodontal Bone Loss assessment.

A Deep Learning Approach for Detecting Colorectal Cancer via Raman Spectra

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis via Raman Spectra.

CariesNet: A Deep learning Approach for Segmentation of multi-stage Caries lesion from Oral Panoramic X-Ray Image

X-ray Segmentation of dental caries.

A Two-Stage Deep Learning Architecture for Radiographic Assessment of Periodontal Bone Loss

Periodontal Bone Loss assessment.

Full Scale Attention for Automated COVID-19 Diagnosis from CT Images

Novel Attention-based Deep learning architecture for COVID-19 diagnose and lesion segmentation.

Multi-modality fusion learning for the automatic diagnosis of optic neuropathy

Multi-modality model for optic neuropathy diagnose.

Cascaded SE-ResUnet for segmentation of thoracic organs at risk

CT Segmentation of five thoracic organs.